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Hire E-Bikes and pedal-powered bikes at excellent rates!

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We pair our clients with the best product to suit their needs, selling new, affordable electric and pedal bikes chosen by our own engineer for their design and reliability.

N C M M3


Road san


Euro Beast


About Our Company

We are a specialist E-Bike shop in Ahuriri, Napier. We have an experienced engineer and are enthusiasts who are eager to help local cyclists or tourists with trail riding and road cycling needs. 

E-Biking is a healthy, environmentally friendly, affordable way to travel. We aim to offer competitive prices by importing and servicing our own brands of E-Bikes. Additionally, we also house an assembly service if you have brought your E-Bike from out-of-town. 

Imagine going up hills with ease, not with sweat! E-Bikes can change the way you cycle or allow you to get motivated again and start enjoying our passion.

Why Choose Us?

For superior service and performance, come and see our friendly team today!

Our Team

Our team consists of an experienced, friendly engineer and a customer service professional who are well equipped with a great understanding of biking and our product range.

Product Quality

We maintain the quality of our products by importing our own brands, using over ten years of experience to select and test premium quality products for our customers. Finding international success with our European and Australian dealers, we service our bikes well and offer competitive prices.

Easy To Use

Select our Napier store to find an easy ride with high-quality manufacturing and excellent servicing. Our large number of industry contacts enable us to be aware of current trends, partnering with our clients to source our bikes within 2-3 days, or offering our large range of our own imported products.