Our Company

Supplying our Napier customers with affordable cycling gear and bikes has been our passion for over 10 years. Additionally, our commitment to providing eco-friendly E-Bike alternatives has been consistently growing with the advent of modern technology and greater affordability for our clients. 

We are situated in Napier, an excellent place for cycling since we were established. Our store is easily accessible, close to nearby motels and hotels, where we offer plenty of parking, allowing you to leave your car here before heading on local rides. Furthermore, our team is happy to share information and discuss our experience with some of our famous trails, where biking is a great day activity for the whole family.

Napier houses over 200kms of trails, with paths dotted about the coastal and winery areas, with cafes and bus stops along the way. After purchasing a hire of one of our bikes, our team will pair you with an appropriate size to make the ride comfortable. Additionally, our customers often find they have enjoyed their day so much that they purchase their own E-Bike for future trips. 

The bikes we sell are chosen by our engineer and tried and tested by our team to ensure our customers feel confident that their equipment will effectively meet their needs. In addition, we are cyclists ourselves, customising our range of bikes to suit our needs, understanding their servicing needs and limits to give knowledgeable advice to our customers. Also, the bikes we sell are included in our hiring fleet, expressing how we trust in their longevity and excellence.

Our passion makes a difference

Our team at the E-Bike Shed Napier provide excellent servicing and affordable prices for the best quality E-Bikes in New Zealand.

Local sites

See the many sights of our local countryside when riding effortlessly on one of our products.

Extensive range

We maintain a stable supply of excellent quality bikes.

Fantastic service

We will direct you to our favourite paths around our destination, planning a great day for your skill level.